In Loving Memory of " MY MOM"

    My mom… Gaile Burlow. Wow! Where do I begin?

   When my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, she could have cried or gone into a deep depression, but she didn’t. I remember her being so strong—both in body and spirit. She always remained strong in faith and hope. She was determined to fight!

    When she needed to undergo radiation and chemotherapy treatments, she was told she might lose her hair. Again, she could have cried or been angry. But instead, she said, “Well, I guess we’re going wig shopping!” So, that’s just what we did. She got a short haircut and we went wig shopping together. That ended up being such a fun day for us. We both tried on so many wigs. My mother turned a difficult time in her life into a special mother/daughter outing. I will always remember that.

  My mother is also responsible for getting me started in the cleaning business. I was about 15 as my mom dragged me around cleaning houses, can’t say that I liked that very much especially when I had plans to “stay in bed” and my dad says “you are going to clean with your mother so get up”! I have to admit that my mom taught me everything about trust and loyally and about how to do a perfect job for my customers. As I look back at how she taught me she, she really instilled some great qualities in me that I have picked up as I got older.     

  As a teenager, I hated cleaning houses and certainly didn’t foresee myself creating a cleaning business, much less enjoying it as much as I have through the years. I think I have developed this desire for cleaning because it makes everything look, feel and smell better! It makes people so happy and that makes me happy so when the idea to clean for cancer patients came to mind it instantly made me think of my mom who suffered with cancer and the treatments that made her so sick and weak! She certainly didn’t have the energy to clean the house, of course I took care of the cleaning when I could but it was hard on all of the family, emotionally and physically especially on my dad who was trying to juggle everything! So when I think now about how nice it would have been to have had Samaritan Maids at that time, it would have really brightened my mom’s day as well as the whole family!!  “How rewarding and cleaning on a whole new level!” I thought.  What a wonderful way to brighten the day! So the wheels were put into motion and it didn’t take long to make this idea a reality!

  I wasn’t the only person impacted by Mom’s wonderful nature. Everyone loved my mom. She never had a bad thing to say about anyone. She helped and encouraged so many people . She always displayed a positive attitude and it showed no matter what she was going thru. I have learned to live my life that as well, like I said “I learned so much from my mom that I realize more and more as I get older!

  for teaching me so much and for helping me in the short time we had together. I’m glad that I turned out to be a lot like you!  Thanks  Mom!


In Honor of

Gaile Burlow

April 18,1943 –August 4, 1992

  Samaritan Maids
"Cleaning Because We Care"

Our Vision….Samaritan Maids serves women in the Triad undergoing cancer treatment by providing complimentary, professional housecleaning services to enrich the lives of women during their time of need.



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